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Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are closed today, we will be back as soon as possible to cook up some tasty treats for you!

Aj's  is an amazing fish and chips takeaway, where you can order cheesy pizzas, juicy burgers, authentic pakoras, kebabs and other delicious dishes.

If you ask any local in Easthouses “Where can I order the best fish and chips near me?” You will hear the name “Aj's Takeaway.”

Pasta lovers always crave our Penne. You’ll have a delicious trip to Italy with the flavour. Don’t forget to add our Garlic Mayo Dip. You can order online and get an extra 10% discount!

Whenever you like to spend memorable weekends with your family, just choose from our rich menu, and with our super-fast contact-free delivery, you’ll get your favourite meal on your doorstep.

Our staff and customers’ health are our priority, so we have made an extra effort during the Covid-19 pandemic towards our hygienic and safe food packaging and preparing process, to ensure you won't have any concerns.

Feel like picking up the phone to order? No problem! Call us on 0131 663 6665.

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